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Inspire Fiber Laser Systems

Inspire Fiber Laser Systems

Inspire Fiber Laser Systems

So, you’ve made the decision to add a fiber laser cutting system to your metal shop.  Which one do you choose?  At Paramount Machinery we’re proud to be the North American representative/distributor for the Eagle Fiber Laser series by the Eagle Sp.zoo. These leading edge production systems are unmatched in our industry and incorporate the most advanced machine tool technology available today.


iNspire Fiber Laser advantages

With this high-power fiber laser fabricators are guaranteed the highest quality, total precision, and optimal cutting efficiency in the fastest possible time. 


Precise: The compact and ultramodern iNspire Fiber Laser produces repeatable cutting of complex shaped parts  with  precision of .002”


Efficient: It has a fiber laser source ranging from 1 to 30kW with cutting speeds of up to 350m/min, and an acceleration of nearly 6G.  This makes the iNspire Fiber Laser 8 times faster than a CO2 laser for cutting thin metal sheets.


Cost-effective: These high-powered cutting systems have very low cooling requirements and will cut your power consumption in half. The resonator will shut off when idling and instantly power up when required. As they are built for reliability and need very low maintenance these machines will operate at a fraction of the cost of traditional CO2 lasers.


Versatile: The iNspire Fiber Laser can cut a wide variety of materials and thicknesses.  They can cut stainless steel up to 25 mm and mild steel up to 25 mm. Fiber lasers also have the ability to process reflective metals such as brass, copper, and aluminum.


Reliable & Compact: These state-of-the-art sheet metal cutting systems have IPG resonators designed for 100,000 hours of service. An added advantage is that they save you at least 30% of floor space.


User- Friendly and Environmentally Sound: The iNspire Fiber Laser incorporates very easy to use software and uses 70% less energy than CO2 lasers making it a welcome addition to sheet metal fabricators everywhere.


Applications: Fiber Lasers are very well-suited to cutting thin metallic materials at very high speed while maintaining or exceeding the capabilities of CO2 lasers in thick metal. They are also particularly amenable to cutting reflective materials like aluminum and copper.



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