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Why Choose Fiber Laser

Why Choose Fiber Laser


Fiber Laser increase productivity and reduce operating costsMore and more metal fabricators across the country have made the switch to Fiber Laser cutting systems for two great reasons:  they increase productivity and reduce operating costs.  If you want to upgrade your metal cutting operation Fiber lasers will dramatically increase cut speeds while reducing operating costs.


Maximum cutting speed

Fiber lasers deliver maximum cutting speeds with high accuracy and repeatability boosting productivity to maximum levels. The fiber laser offers significantly faster processing speeds thanks to astonishing acceleration rates of linear drives and higher power resonators. These are significant advantages for thinner sheet metal cutting as production rates can double or even triple while operating costs decrease by up to 50%.


Easily cuts a variety of materials and thicknesses

Fiber lasers produce incredible cutting speeds on thin materials and can easily cut thicker materials. They can cut stainless and mild steel up to 25 mm and aluminum up to 20 mm with a 6KW resonator. Fiber lasers also have the ability to process reflective metals such as brass and copper making them an ideal and flexible tool for job shops.


Fiber lasers for reduced utility costs 

With their high optical efficiency and more effective use of electrical power fiber lasers reduce power consumption.  The longer life of diode-based resonators and extended time between maintenance sessions deliver added value for sheet metal fabricators everywhere.


The fiber laser advantage

Sheet metal fabricators across the GTA and the country are recognizing the many advantages of the high-power fiber laser.  They are reaping the rewards in terms of boosted productivity, reduced operating costs, increased energy efficiency and higher profits.


Why not choose a fiber laser cutting system for your metal fabrication requirements?

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