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eSmart Fiber Laser System

eSmart Fiber Laser System

eSmart Fiber Laser System

The best value Fiber Laser cutting system

Eagle eSmart Fiber Laser – Power-Tech’s latest product introduction - allows fabrication shops to bring the latest cutting technology into their equipment mix. It’s unquestionable ergonomic design fits into the smallest space of any manufacturing shop and cuts parts with high surface quality & accuracy while maintaining a very high dynamic cutting process.


Model 1225 is comes with an area of machining X-axis 2560 mm, 1290 Y-axis and Z-axis 100 mm;

Model 1530 offers a machining area X-axis 3060 mm, Y-axis 1540 mm and Z-axis 100 mm.


eSmart achieves cutting speeds of 100 m/min and acceleration of 2G and available laser power of 1 to 4kW. Delivery of the laser beam is carried out using fault-free fiber. The machines are equipped with a body made of composite material for maximum stability, linear motors on all axes, and pallet changer.


Eagle’s eSmart fiber laser is affordably priced for even the smallest shop to economically introduce fiber lasers into their plant to meet the cutting quality and demanding deadlines of customers.


Get the eSmart Fiber laser delivered to you for only $449,000 (CAD)


Machine detail: 2KW 5’ X 10’ machine with 2 year warranty, IPG resonator, linear drives, and composite frame material


Cutting Speed: max 100/m/min

Positioning: 210m/min

Acceleration: 2G

Laser Sources: 1-4kW



 - Reliable Laser Fiber Source

 - Linear motors on all axes

 - modern body made of composite material

 - One intelligent cutting head allows metal processing of the entire available spectrum of sheet thickness

 - pallet changer without hydraulics


Machine Dimensions and Weight

Machine Model[um]12251530

Working Area

X Axis[mm]25603600
Y Axis[mm]12901540
Z Axis[mm]100100
max sheet weight[kg]550900

Max Speeds

Parallel to X, Y, Z axis120 [m/mm]
Y Axis210 [m/mm]

Axis Parameters

repeatability0.03 [mm]
cutting precision0.1 [mm]
accelerations20 [m/s]
min.programmable0.001 [mm]

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