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eVa Cutting Head

eVa Cutting Head

eVa Cutting Head

Eagle’s eVa cutting head is a response to the growing demand for efficient, durable, and reliable solutions by the sheet metal industry. It was designed to offer fabricators higher power at peak performance with lower costs of operation.
eVa Cutting head
The eVa cutting head by Eagle sets a new standard in the laser cutting industry. This state-of-the-art device is capable of cutting mild steel up to 60mm in thickness using just one cutting head.

The eVa cutting head is currently available on all Eagle machine with 6KW capacity and higher. It is designed to handle up to 30KW, a feat no other cutting head in the industry can match.
Cut Apart From The Competition
What distinguishes eVa from other manufacturers is its simple design and construction. It offers automatic centering and focus diameter of the beam without any moving parts in the head. The device is equipped with only 2 fixed lenses.  
The cutting head has a collimator protective glass which is mounted over the collimating lens to prevent it from getting contaminated. Furthermore, the distance between the protective glass and the cutting process is longer (212mm) which makes it less susceptible to contamination during the cutting process. This also means you will have to replace the protective glass less frequently. Moreover, the exchange can be performed on the machine. Most competitors’ heads must be sent out for expensive and lengthy refurbishment in “clean room “ environments.
4 times less sensitive to dirt
10 times less frequent replacement of glass
Lower maintenance costs
Cuts material with a thickness of 1 to 60 mm
Automatic exchange of nozzles
Automatic centering
Automatic checking of nozzle quality

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