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Automated Bending

Automated Bending

Press Brake Robotics

Metal fabricators recognize that one of the most demanding operations in the shop is bending. This is where Robotically Integrated Bending Solutions, aka “RIBS”, shine.  It’s basically an integration of robots with press brakes. Coupled with powerful offline propgramming the robotic machine-tending cell automates the bending process quickly and easily.


Robotically Integrated Bending Solutions

RIBS is a recent and revolutionary innovation in robotic automation.  RIBS significantly reduces costs and unplanned downtime in your metal shop. Implementing RIBS to automate sheet metal bending metal fabricators across the country report improved productivity and increased precision and efficiencies throughout their operations.

Offline programming of robots

RIBS has an effective offline programming capability that provides a virtual model of the cell and real-time simulations of part processing. A virtual environment is delivered that accurately reflects your bending cell. You now have the advantage of building your work cell and exploring various layouts and paths.  Fabricators can also engage in rapid testing and programming of new parts without any interruption of your daily production operations.

Top benefits for metal shops:

  • consistent and accelerated implementation
  • higher output per shift
  • “lights out” - the ability to operate 24/7 for continuous production
  • utility cost savings since no lighting or climate control is needed
  • reduction in errors and wastage
  • reduction in unplanned downtime
  • improves safety in the workplace by reducing worker exposure to one of the higher risk operations
  • additional skilled labour hiring unnecessary
  • maximizes ROI


Robotically Integrated Bending Solutions has many diverse applications for manufacturers today. RIBS can automate virtually any bending process. No need to reinvent the bending sequence. You simply automate the material handling. RIBS successfully delivers maximum productivity at reduced costs, enabling you to keep your current customers satisfied and bring in new contracts to help you grow your business.

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