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Role of RIBS

Role of RIBS

Robotic Automation: The High ROI for metal fabricators

Robotically Integrated Bending SolutionsManufacturers utilize industrial robotic systems across almost every industry today. Robotic automation delivers a wealth of advantages to your metal fabrication shop. It reduces production costs and increases productivity allowing you to grow your business.  Robotic automation also increases precision and efficiency while reducing scrap and operator errors.


Cost-effective for big and small shops

Robotic automation is cost-effective for both big and small metal shops. Automating an existing press brake requires smaller capital investment than buying a fully automated cell while still providing the benefits of automation. Recent advances in offline programming greatly reduce setup time making systems amenable to smaller quantity runs.


Robotically Integrated Bending Solutions

The speed and accuracy of Robotically Integrated Bending Solutions, aka RIBS, makes automated bending; viable for most operations. Implement RIBS to automate small or large part bending with smaller lot sizes and for repeat jobs. RIBS offers advanced features such as automatic tool changing, robot gripper management, and full automation of peripheral systems like conveyors.


RIBS maximizes productivity

RIBS creates efficiencies throughout your production cycle and is highly flexible and customizable to perform complex functions. Metal fabricators avoid downtime, achieve higher throughput, and maximize their output capacity easily.

Robotically Integrated Bending Solutions significantly reduces costs and improves productivity in your metal fabrication shop.  RIBS enables your company to stay competitive, responsive, flexible, innovative and garners you maximized ROI.

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